Fred Turner

Fred Turner

Control Systems Engineer at W-Industries Inc

11500 Charles Road, Houston, Texas, United States
HQ Phone:
(713) 466-9463

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Fred TurnerSystem EngineerCampus Technology Solutions , Inc.As mentioned here last week , the Rage128 Pro is claimed to have 50 % higher 3D performance and faster clock rates based on their original April 1999 press_release.What is interesting is that the Rage128 Pro to my knowledge has not shipped yet , even on the PC ( normally ATI cards ship first on that platform ) .I wonder if the Bundled Pro' really has the new chip/faster clock speed or if it is just a std Rage128 with a digital video output.ATI's web_site also has an August 5th press_release on the Rage Fury Pro ( PC Rage128 Pro ) so perhaps the chip is finally in production.Note the PC version is a 32MB card.

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