Faisal Gowani

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President  - Entrepreneurial Society

Vice President of Public Relations  - Entrepreneurial Society

President  - The Executive Leadership Council


degrees  - Business Marketing , 

San Jose State University


Founder  - Entrepreneurial Society

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Faisal GowaniFaisal Gowani has always shown an entrepreneurial spirit from the time he started his first lemonade stand at age six.Faisal comes from a family of small business owners, with vested interests in convenient stores, gas stations, ice cream shops, jewelry shops, dry cleaners, fast food locations, sit down restaurants, motels, hotels, and movie theaters.Mr. Gowani has run and operated many small businesses.Before Starting school here at San Jose State, he has worked in the field of Information Technology, where he started as a Junior Network Administrator, and before long, he had moved to the position of Director of IT.After the "dotcom bubble burst," Faisal decided to use his people skills and launched himself as a club promoter.He was considered one of the fastest rising promoters in San Francisco, eventually making his mark on the club scene there.After he got bored of the partying, he decided to come back to school to finish up his degree.He is currently managing businesses from a variety of industries while concurrently pursuing degrees in Business Marketing (w/Honors), Business Management (w/Honors), Economics (minor), & The Certificate of Entrepreneurship- S.V.C.E).He also finds time to help, encourage and guide students at San Jose State University pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations through his position as the President of the Entrepreneurial Society.Faisal was President of the ELC (Executive Leadership Council- a student organization, that extends its membership only to the Presidents of all the Student operated business clubs and fraternities) last semester; as president he helped to promote teamwork with the various student organizations that are a part of the ELC. This semester he has helped to launch an Entrepreneurial Society internship program.This provides an opportunity for ES members to work with local entrepreneurs and learning from them.Currently, Faisal is managing his family businesses, and has added to his portfolio an investment in City Falafel (a restaurant across the street from campus- on San Fernando St.). After graduating from San Jose State University, Faisal plans to continue developing projects and working with other entrepreneurs in order to create a legacy that will withstand the test of time.You can contact Faisal at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.Faisal Gowani, President

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Faisal Gowani, Vice President of Public Relations

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Faisal Gowani, President

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