Fadil Sulejmani

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Rector  - University of Tetova

Founder and Official Head  - Tetovo University Senate

Chairman  - Forum for Human Rights

Chairman  - Qemal Shabani

Dean  - Tetovo University

Rector  - Tetovo University

Albanian University Rector  - 


Agni Dika PhD  - 

PhD  - 


Founder  - University of Tetova

Recent News  

MACEDONIA THE NARROW DOOR OF THE PARLIAMENT by IBRAHIM MEHMETI / Shkup On March 15, three days before the detention term expired, the Municipal Court in Tetova, as proposed by the Investigating Judge, extended the preventive detention for another thirty days of Fadil Sulejmani, Rector of the University of Tetova, Milaim Fejziu, Chairman of the Forum for Human Rights and Qemal Shabani.According to some unofficial statements in circulation, the only argument which could be taken against them are their public statements, as in the case of the "first accused", Fadil Sulejmani, who is accused of `call for resistance' for having said that if the Macedonian police attacks the University "two hundred thousand Albanians will stand and defend it".The other detainees are accused on the same grounds.

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The Assembly adopted a decision on founding the University of Tetova and appointed the Presidency of the newly established institutions - Fadil Sulejmani PhD, Agni Dika PhD and Murtezan Ismaili PhD.The Presidency was authorised to prepare the necessary documentation for institutionalising the new institution and register it with the Ministry of Education of Macedonia; undertake additional measures to find the school premises; set up school programs, curriculum's and professor's staff, ensure necessary financial assistance etc. October 1, 1994 The Presidency of UT held a meeting in the Municipal Assembly of Gostivar.Police has also closed the UT Dean office and apprehended Dean Fadil Sulejmani.The Presidency of UT and leaders of political parties met and agreed that the signing of the Founding Act should take place on December 15, 1994, as it was obvious that after such brutal police intervention, authorities would certainly intervene against the solemnity scheduled for December 17, 1994. December 15, 1994 Dean Fadil Sulejmani read the Founding Act in front of the Tetova ART TV Station.The Act was signed by UT Presidency Fadil Sulejmani PhD Agni Dika PhD Murtezan Ismaili PhD Party representatives Arber Xhaferi - DPA Iljaz Halimi - DPP Nevzat Halili - PPU/ RP Muqereme Rusi - Union of Albanian Woman Arben Rusi - President of Humanitarian NGO 'El Hill' Enver Zenku - Mayor of Gostivar December 16, 1994 As representatives of PDP refused to attend the meeting of December 15, (as an excuse that the meeting was hold in a private house), the UT Presidency agrees that PDP officials could sign the Founding Act in their party headquarters.After the short presentation of Fadil Sulejmani, The Act was signed by PDP President Abdurrahman Aliti, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Iljaz Sabriu and other members of the PDP Presidency.Fadil Sulejmani, Misaim Fejziu, Musli Halimi, Nevzat Halimi, Arben Rusi were arrested and taken to prison.

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Sulejmani and Izair Samiu, known as "Baci," gained notoriety when they seized control of Tetovo Tabak for the use of Tetovo University.The founder and official head of the Tetovo University Senate, Fadil Sulejmani, also expressed surprise at finding himself on the list."How can one scientist, renowned in Europe, destabilize Macedonia?"he asked.

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