Etienne Rabe

Etienne Rabe

Vice President of Horticulture at Paramount Farms

11444 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(310) 966-5700

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Director of Horticulture  - Sun Pacific Inc

Vice President - Agronomy  - Rio Grande Juice Company

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Etienne Rabe, left, vice president for horticulture with Wonderful Citrus, and Nick Hill, chairman of the Citrus Pest and Disease and Prevention Program, during a break at the 2016 California Citrus Conference.

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Although some varieties that come to market are a deliberate cross-pollination, most are the result of chance mutations, said Etienne Rabe, vice president of horticulture at Paramount Citrus in California.
According to Rabe, the number of acres of child-sized mandarins grown in California has increased from about 5,000 in 1999 to 30,000 in 2010.

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The covered trees produce less fruit, said Etienne Rabe of Paramount.
Growers have not determined if the loss stems from the covering or because as seedless fruit, it is harder to set fruit. "Netting is expensive, and we wish we didn't have to do it, but it sells the product because they (consumers) are confident it is seedless," said Rabe. He said cost per acre would depend on the longevity of the netting. Paramount has used its netting for the past three bloom seasons. Rabe was a member of the legislation-mandated Seedless Mandarin and Honeybee Coexistence Working Group that was asked to deliver a settlement between growers and beekeepers in 2009.

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