Eric Landis

Eric N. Landis

Professor and Chair at University of Maine

80 Belmont Avenue, Belfast, Maine, United States
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(207) 338-8000

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Board Member - The Maine Section

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ASTM International - Advances in Civil Engineering Materials - Editorial Board

Dr. Eric N. Landis, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA

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University of Maine Foundation Excellence in Civil Engineering

Eric Landis, Ph.D. is the Frank M. Taylor Distinguished Professor in Civil Engineering.
With support from the professorship he was able to employ several students to assist in his lab over the summer. Under the direction of Landis, data are being collected in tracking the effects of fracture in concrete-based composites. "When I first started working in the lab I hadn't done anything with 3D imaging . . . Dr. Landis took the time to present some of the seminars he has given in the past about 3D imaging," McEachern said. "I have to admit," said McEachern, "Earlier in the year I had questioned if I was cut out for engineering and Dr.Landis said the only way I could know for sure is to have experience. Landis has been at the University of Maine since 1994, and is currently serving as Interim Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Landis has published numerous scientific papers and is a registered professional engineer in Maine.

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Eric Landis, professor and chair of the University of Maine, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, shared the sentiments of many: "In most cases, students will not have quite as much depth and breadth of technical skills due to pressures both to decrease the required credit hours, as well as increased emphasis on 'soft skills.'" But proponents believe by requiring more general studies courses, we are shaping more well-rounded professionals and developing management, leadership, and communication skills needed for business success.

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