Eric Emminger

Eric Emminger

Founder and President at Pit Bull Happenings Rescue

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, Florida, United States
HQ Phone:
(305) 378-3000

General Information


Marine Radio Operator and Dispatcher  - Sea Tow Port Richey/Clearwater

Son of Owner  - Trinity Seafood Market


Board Member  - Jeremiah's Foundation

Recent News  

Eric Emminger, the Founder and President of Pit Bull Happenings Rescue, learned of this dog and his current whereabouts through Facebook.
He pondered on how he and his organization could help. PBHR was a very young non-profit organization having just celebrated their one year anniversary the prior month. Money and resources were very limited. Then he decided to take a leap of faith. He called the shelter and informed them he was going to come and pick up this extremely neglected dog and take him into his rescue and taken immediately to the Animal Hospital. There was a problem though. He informed them he's currently at his regular job and there is no way he would be able to arrive before they closed. The shelter staff understood and with great compassion for this dog, unlocked their door to allow Eric in, after hours. The shelter staff had the dog already in their lobby, ready to go. As soon as Eric walked through the door, this dog came running up to him, wagging his very very happy tail, even rubbing his very sticky head up against his legs. The dog would shake his whole body quite frequently causing pieces of his skin and whatever fur he had left to fly everywhere. The spirit of this dog, despite his obvious and clear neglect, and despite him, no doubt, having constant pains and sufferings, was quite amazing. He was a super happy dog. His love was great for all that he has met. He was and is truly a remarkable dog and a true inspiration. February of 2012 arrived and Eric decided it was in Jeremiah's best interest to go into an approved and great foster home. Eric had multiple dogs at his house at that time and he wanted Jeremiah to get more attention and focus on behaviors and training to better prepare him for the, at that time, unknown date of when he would be available for adoption. Of course, he still had a long road to full recovery. Lots more of the Mitaban Dips... Eric could not have chosen a better foster home for this very much loved and special Jeremiah. Maggie's home is where Jeremiah would continue his medical care as well as preparations for his eventual adoptive home. His family shocked by the news as was Maggie, Eric, and all who knew Jeremiah.

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Pit Bull Happenings Rescue (PBHR) was founded on October 15, 2010, by Eric Emminger.
We were founded by Eric to encourage community involvement and participation. Eric is a man of God. He does not belong to any organized religious organization. He believes God is love... Love is charity. The love he has for God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is held paramount in his heart, mind, and soul. Eric is eager and willing to make sacrifices in order to help people and God's creatures. He believes Jesus Christ to be the Savior and Lord. He stands strong on that belief. He does not "force" his beliefs upon others, neither does he shy away from his personal beliefs in expressions. He believes in freedoms for all and his persons is not exempt. He welcomes all to help in any way, shape, or form regardless of age, race, beliefs, religions or no religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, opinions, cultural backgrounds, etc. When it comes to helping others including the animals, he believes everybody should be part of the solution and to offer helping hands to those in need including the animals.

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