Elizabeth Walker

last updated 4/5/2018

Elizabeth Walker

Manager, Client Services at Sprint Center

1407 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Sprint Center
HQ Phone:
(816) 949-7100

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Administrative Office Directory | Sprint Center

Elizabeth Walker
Manager, Client Services

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Pinnacle Coaching Group

Elizabeth Walker, Customer Services Representative, Sprint Center

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Though that was technically possible, Ensign Grey had a definite certainty that such a discovery would not however be found by Irya Pael, the next person on her to volunteer list.
Irya Pael - species: Arkanian; gender: female; age: unknown; cybernetics: yes, both exterior and interior, exact number unknown. Irya Pael, an Arkanian researcher, came seeking sanctuary within Vast Imperial space after amassing a generous bounty on her head, being hunted by both large corporations as well as a few fringe governments, where she had equally amassed a high enough number of arrest warrants for crimes including but not limited to: cruelty, torture, kidnapping, grave desecration, bio terrorism, espionage, war crimes, treason, genocide... Had the albino specimen gone straight to the politicians leading the Vast Empire, chances were high she would've been caught, restrained and either sold back to the corporations in exchange for the generous reward or trialled and executed in a very public fashion so as to gain more VE sympathizers in those puny worlds on the Outer Rim and the Unknown Space. The scientist however knew how to play her hand right and instead chose to take a lesser risk by instead making contact with the Intelligence branch directly. "Brief away, Ensign", Irya smiled as she made her way to the chest found at the foot of the bed. From there the alien produced some civilian clothes which she threw on the bed. She listened silently to the VENI operative's briefing even as she changed, giving no other regard to the other woman standing on the other side of the room. When she was through she merely nodded her head and approached the Grey female once more "What are we waiting for then?"

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