Edwin Bosi

Edwin J. Bosi

Program Officer at SOS Rhino

680 N. Lake Shore Drive Suite 807, Chicago, Illinois, United States
SOS Rhino
HQ Phone:
(312) 335-0868

General Information


Veterinary Medicine , Universiti Putra Malaysia

Masters  - Philosophy ( veterinary clinical science ) , Massey University at Palmerston North


Research Fellow  - Institute of Tropical Biology and Conservation

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DIRECTOR - DR. EDWIN J. BOSI Dr. Edwin Bosi is a qualified veterinarian from Malaysia's only veterinary school and holds a Master Degree in Philosophy from Massey University in New Zealand.He worked on the veterinary public health aspect of Red deer in New Zealand. Dr. Bosi was responsible for the survey and capture for manage breeding of Sumatran rhinoceros in Sabah in mid eighties.Dr. Bosi is keen on wildlife conservation.He has helped established and continue to establish wildlife conservation areas for oil palm companies and resorts.He is a fauna consultant for EIA projects.Currently he is the Program Officer for SOS Rhino, a US-base conservation organization, for Borneo.He is a Research Fellow with the Institute of Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

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Dr Edwin Bosi (the Program Officer for SOSRhino) was attending the same survey that I was, so we met up in KK for dinner the night before we were due to fly into Lahad Data.
Edwin was really nice and very knowledgeable about all things rhino. The next day Edwin had a meeting with the principle of the school in the nearest village. At 8.30pm they had still not returned and Edwin was worried (his son was a member of the other team). He sent out France and JJ (the other two members of our team) to track them. They returned at 3am having lost their tracks in a stream. By 7am the next morning they guys had still not returned. Edwin was very worried and asked France and JJ to track them again, hopefully with some luck this time. Thank you to Dr. Edwin Bosi and the SOSRhino team.

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From there i flew to Laha Datu, the closest airport to the Tabin wildlife reserve four hours away,and met up with the director of SOS Rhino, Dr. Edwin Bosi.
After a few hours of supply shopping for things like canned food,rice,and rehydration packs, we packed six into the extended cab ford truck and took off for the reserve. The ride was bumpy and full of interestng conversation, most of it coming from Dr. Bosi who had hundreds of stories to tell about his encounters with wild elephants and orangutans. I had heard from Dr. Bosi that one man who had been working for the organization spent four years there and only came across five rhinos.

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