Edward Breen

last updated 12/7/2017

Edward D. Breen

Chief Executive Officer at DuPont Specialty Chemicals

974 Centre Rd, Wilmington, Delaware, United States
HQ Phone:
(302) 774-1000

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People : Venture Capital Post

Following the merger, Dow CEO, Andrew Liveris will enjoy the lion share of $52.8 million while Edward Breen, DuPont's CEO, will get $27.2 million.
However, this appears as a true "Golden Parachute' only for Liveries since Breen has secured job in the proposed merged entity.

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DuPont and DOW Set To Merge | SPS International

According to Du Pont's CEO, Edward D. Breen, and his counterpart at Dow, Andrew Liveris, the merger is the culmination of long-term plans.
Although the split is two years away, the companies have already formed teams to design the separation and, says Breen, who leads the agriculture and speciality products committee, the major focus is on finding the right people.

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drymix.info News 174/2015: drymix.info - The International Community For Drymix Mortar

DuPont's new CEO, Edward Breen, would become CEO with Dow CEO Andrew Liveris becoming chairman of the board.

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