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Last Updated 7/13/2016

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Pet’s Bad Breath Might be a Sign of Dental Disease : Emerald Valley Pet Medical Center

"It hurts and it's very smelly," said veterinarian Edgardo Ortiz, Banfield's medical director for New York and New Jersey.
"They eat more canned food and more will get stuck in their teeth," Ortiz said. Larger dogs tend to eat more dry food, which scrapes the teeth, and helps remove tartar, he said. In a perfect world, Ortiz said pet owners would brush their dog's or cat's teeth twice a day, but twice a week will produce amazing results. Add dental chews and a water additive that helps prevent tartar and pets should stay very kissable, Ortiz said. Brushing an older pet's teeth for the first time can prove challenging, the vets acknowledged, but it is easy to teach a puppy or kitten to learn to like it, Ortiz said. Cats usually won't sit still for too long, so it helps if the toothpaste is tuna or chicken-flavored, Ortiz said. Pets do cope with the loss of teeth, Ortiz said, and their health and behavior typically improve once the pain is gone.

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Edgardo Ortiz DVM has been with Banfield for 6 years, starting as an associate veterinarian in Yonkers, NY.
He excelled in his role and quickly grew to become the Medical Director for the New Jersey market. Graduating from the Ross University he has had a career as a small animal clinician.

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Pet News and Views

According to Edgardo Ortiz, DVM, at Banfield Pet Hospital in New York City, "For their own safety, cats need to feel comfortable in their carriers.
"Place your cat's favorite blanket, pillow or towel as a liner," suggests Dr. Ortiz. "And you can put his favorite toy and a few treats in the carrier. You can even spray the carrier with pheromones (which can be purchased at most pet stores)." Once your cat gets used to going inside the carrier, place the top half back on it. "And when he is comfortable in it," says Dr. Ortiz, "close the door for 5 to 10 seconds.

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