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Paradise Island Animal Hospital


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DLNR Secretary Ignacio Dela Cruz said Dr. Edgar G. Tudor, the owner of the Paradise Island Animal Clinic, has asked the government to close its As Perdido clinic as was promised two years ago.Tudor, in his letter, told the DLNR secretary to respect his position as "the sole practicing veterinarian in the CNMI."Tudor said he is losing business to the government clinic, which makes it much harder for him to provide the necessary health care for the islands' pets.In a separate interview yesterday, Tudor said they have already talked but nothing has been agreed upon.He said his clinic is competing with the government which, he added, is not supposed to happen in a free market economy.Tudor said he would not mind if the DLNR clinic limited its services to poor pet owners or if the government provided him with tax breaks.Tudor said running his clinic costs $1,000 in overhead expenses every day and he still has to pay taxes and pay for the lease.He said that before the DLNR animal clinic was opened two years ago, Dela Cruz promised that they would shut it down "as soon as it became a problem" to the private clinic.Tudor said he is now losing many of his clients to the government-run clinic."I know that the people who were coming here before are now going to the DLNR clinic," Tudor said.

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Veterinarian Tudor is off-island
Dr. Edgar Tudor, DVM, of Paradise Island Animal Hospital, has been called to Japan to assist with the care of the rescue dogs being used in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami there. It is unknown when he will return to Saipan. (PR)

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Edgar G. Tudor, a veterinarian, douses water on an injured cow that was abandoned in front of his Paradise Island Animal Hospital in Chalan Laulau yesterday morning. (Ferdie De La Torre)A cow with a broken leg-possibly sustained after being hit by a car-was abandoned in front of an animal hospital in Chalan Laulau yesterday morning.The bloodied cow, weighing about 600 pounds, was tied to a utility pole located in front of Paradise Island Animal Hospital Inc.Edgar G. Tudor, a veterinarian who owns Paradise Island Animal Hospital, told Saipan Tribune he saw the cow tied to the utility pole when came to work at 7:30am.Tudor said the cow has a broken leg.He surmised it was probably hit by a car and the unidentified owner loaded it on a trail and abandoned it in front of his hospital."The owner tied it up here and left it with no food, no water, no care," he said.Tudor said they provided the cow with water, and covered it with a blanket and hosed it down so the animal would at least be comfortable."But the cow needs to be humanely taken care of. .[It has to be put to sleep] because there is nothing you can do for a cow with a broken leg," he explained.

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