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Adviser To the State Government and A Key Member - Task Force for Regional Plan

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PANJIM: Prof Edgar Ribeiro, adviser to the state government and a key member of the Task Force for Regional Plan 2021, on May 28, clarified that everyone will have an opportunity to submit his views or suggestions once the draft Regional Plan 2021 was submitted to the government.On Goa Bachao Abhiyan rejecting the interim report on Regional Plan 2021, Prof Ribeiro told GT telephonically, that the Task Force was still working on it and would submit its draft report by the end of next month after which the consultation process would start and everyone will have a chance to place his view, suggestions or objections, if any.

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PANAJI: The Task Force formed to formulate the Regional Plan 2021 is considering the prospects of setting up an archeological park in the vicinity of the Kadamba plateau, after Task Force member, Mr Edgar Ribeiro, was requested by the heritage activists to create a 'No Development Zone' in the region.

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The advisor to the government of Goa on urban issues, Mr Edgar Ribeiro, who is another member of the Task Force, speaking on the occasion said the Goa Industrial Development Corporation should fall within the purview of the Goa Town and Country Planning Act, which in turn should be in the forefront in the Regional Plan 2021, and should not be visible during a later dialogue.
The comprehensive plan for the pilot projects will be concerned with the settlement of the people in the areas, and these people may have to face certain constraints like a highway or a rail line passing through the respective areas, he informed. Mr Ribeiro also said that some amendments might be needed to the existing legislations while preparing the Regional Plan 2021.

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