Edward Frick

last updated 4/11/2018

Edward J. Frick

Northeast Director of Sales at Dexotex

3000 E. Harcourt St., Compton, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(310) 886-9100

General Information


Northeast Director of Sales - Crossfield Products Corp.

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Resources & News | Pavilion Floors

Recently Dex-O-Tex completed a factory training program for Pavilion's installation teams, and hosted a Dex-O-Tex Marketing/Sales Seminar for their sales and estimating department professionals hosted by Dex-O-Tex Northeast Director of Sales, Edward Frick.

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Crossfield Products Corporate Information Site

Ed Frick edf@cpcmail.net

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Ed FrickCrossfield Products Corp908-245-2800908-245-2583FloridaEd FrickCrossfield Products Corp908-245-2800908-245-2583North CarolinaEd FrickCrossfield Products Corp908-245-2800908-245-2583Rhode Island

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