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Contact name: Ed Cain, Pastor
Pastor Ed Cain 217-454-9159 Worship Leader Marc Rogers 217-791-3284

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6:00 pm sharing briefly at the church service of Connections with Pastor Ed Cain , meeting at New Beginnings, 2524 E. Queen, Spokane.

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Then, at a prayer conference sponsored by Pastor Ed Cain (the English-Congregation pastor of the Korean Presbyterian Church in Spokane) in October of 2005, the Holy Spirit "surprised" me with a renewed call to the Church in Spokane to repent (yep, same response).I didn't fully understand what God was saying or doing by this renewed call until February when the Lord took me to Zechariah 1:1-6 and showed me the difference between "easy" repentance and "hard" repentance.He showed me that the Church had ignored and rejected His season of "easy" repentance and was now entering a season of "hard" repentance (see our February 23, 2006 newsletter for details).Feeling that I had "done my duty" I tried over the next few months to set this message aside and concentrate on other things.But once God declares a season, He sees it through to the end, regardless of what we do . . . or don't do.I had been working on an extended treatment of repentance in the letters to the 7 churches of Asia in Revelation 2-3, but set the study aside this summer in the hope that my involvement was done.Right.Then, in September the Lord surprised me (again) with a strong sense that we were entering a season during which He would answer the "desperate prayers" of His people (see our newsletter for September 18, 2006).What I didn't know then was how God planned to bring His church to a point of desperation - you see, it takes desperate people to pray desperate prayers.

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