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E.K. Simpson

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honors degree - classics , Oxford

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The Better Half of Salvation. Eph 4:1

It was written by E.K. Simpson and it is like no other commentary on Ephesians that you will ever read.E.K. Simpson was a gentleman in the old sense of the word, which is to say he was independently wealthy and, consequently, was able to spend his life in private pursuits.He only held an actual job for a few years of his adult life.He graduated from Oxford in 1896 with an honors degree in classics and spent his adult life in the pursuit of biblical scholarship though he was not an ordained minister or a professional scholar.He had, as they used to say, a "love of learning."He was a man of letters, a man possessed of a highly literary command of the English language.The result is that when one reads his commentary, one is not only likely to find himself looking up words in the dictionary but being carried along in flights of elegant prose, the very kind of prose one does not associate with commentaries on books of the Bible.Well, here is E.K. Simpson's opening paragraph on Ephesians 4:1-10."Hitherto, under Paul's trusty guidance, his crusaders have been threading the loftiest passes of revelation, absorbed in the panorama of a massive mountain-chain of Christian doctrine, outspread around their line of march.Now it is time for them to descend from these craggy altitudes, intersected by many a cross-track opening into regions yet unexplored and cloud-capped, to the lower levels of everyday duty and demeanour; from the credenda, in short, to the agenda; for all doctrine truly held prompts to corresponding practice.If faith be the candle, works are the light; take away one and you cannot keep the other (Selden).Our belief fixes the trend of our footsteps.

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