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Dulcie Holland

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7971 Glass Rd, Hayes, Virginia, United States

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About Dulcie Holland Photography - Home Tours & Architectural Photography

Dulcie Holland Photography
Dulcie Holland Photography Phone Number 804-404-3940 or 757-870-1732 About Dulcie Holland: Combining Photography and Real Estate Marketing Skills Dulcie Holland, Professional Photographer Dulcie Holland, a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia, for over 30 years, now lives in the Richmond metropolitan area. Passionate about photography since the age of 8, she became a serious photographer when her four children were active in school sports and she wanted that "perfect" shot. Earning a degree in photography, Dulcie began her career as a professional photographer. She now is excited to specialize in architectural photography while continuing to expand her general photography services and adding drone, aerial, and portrait photography. Along the way, Dulcie became a licensed real estate agent in Virginia. She has experienced first-hand both the importance of effective photos in attracting buyers and the frustration and expense agents often go through to obtain and use profesional quality home photos and tours. A member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Canon Professional Services (CPS), as well as earning the designation of Accredited Staging Professional®, Dulcie is now also an FAA-certified remote pilot for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), i.e., licensed to operate commercial drones. Despite her busy career, she still donates her services to local non-profit and charitable organizations whenever possible. Dulcie Holland Photography delivers the photographs and home tour videos that capture a viewer's attention. Dulcie Holland's unique combination of photography skills and understanding of proper lighting, visual perspective, and presentation style for homes and commercial properties distinguishes her photos and home tours from pictures taken by non-professionals - or shot by professionals unfamiliar with real estate and architectural photography. Dulcie Holland, Professional Photographer See What Others Say ... (Click to view Testimonials) See for Yourself ... Take a look at the pairs of images below that show the difference between typical amateur photos of a home for sale and photos of that same property shot by Dulcie Holland. Photo by Dulcie Holland Words of Appreciation and Praise for Dulcie Holland Dulcie is an amazing, extremely talented, professional, personable and punctual photographer. She's patient, creative and always finds the best shot. I've been working with her for a year ranging from Real Estate, my personal headshots, parties and aerial/drone photography... she does it all! I highly recommend Dulcie for all your photography needs. Dulcie Holland made this experience so easy and captured the hard work, sweat, and tears that I put into my home through her stunning photos. My home is a very simple, but her photos made it look elegant and desirable to any buyer. Dulcie was so professional and easy to work with. My clients and I love Dulcie Holland's work. Her photography and virtual tours capture the absolute best features of their homes and settings. Within hours of posting a virtual tour for one of my waterfront listings, I had a showing. Dulcie is reliable, talented and efficient. It is a joy to work with her. No matter what time we arrive at a property - 5:30 in the morning to photograph the sunrise or later in the evening to photograph the sunset, Dulcie gets the job done. She understands the use of light, and it makes a world of difference. With Dulcie Holland's professional photos and virtual tours I have the ability to showcase my listings like never before. I'm able to "wow" my sellers with the beautiful work that she does and use these photos and virtual tours in marketing my listings in such a way to gain maximum exposure. Dulcie is absolutely FABULOUS! She is great to work with, on time, professional and takes AMAZING photographs! I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks, Dulcie, for making my job easier and my listings look great! Dulcie Holland works with me and other agents at Liz Moore & Associates. Marketing one's home is a very personal endeavor, and Dulcie's eye for detail brings out each home's unique qualities and personality. She is very easy to work with and respectful of each property she enters. The quality of her photographs is top notch. Dulcie is a truly gifted photographer...she brings everything to life! I decided that Dulcie would be the best photographer for the job. Dulcie's photos are a beautiful compliment to my staging and my sellers' hard work to showcase their homes. Her eye, lighting and angles totally give my listings that upscale touch. I'm hooked on Dulcie! Dulcie Holland Photography

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All Tours for Dulcie L Holland

Dulcie L Holland
Dulcie Holland Photography Phone: 804-404-3940 Email: dulcie@dulciehollandphotography.com Professional Photography By Dulcie Holland Richmond VA 23060 Dulcie Holland Photography Glen Allen VA 23058 Dulcie Holland Photography Sample. USA VA 23060

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Services from Dulcie Holland Photography - Home Tours, Architectural, Aerial, Portrait, General Photography

Dulcie Holland Photography
Dulcie Holland Photography Phone Number 804-404-3940 or 757-870-1732 Payment due at time of shoot (please make check payable to Dulcie Holland) Dulcie Holland provides professional photography services for realtors, commercial residential property owners and managers, home owner-sellers, building contractors, and others involved in marketing real estate properties. Dulcie Holland captures that appeal-inside and out-and delivers it to potential buyers. Commercial Real Estate Photography Services from Dulcie Holland Dulcie Holland is a professional photographer who delivers the results for selling commercial real estate. Her work can bring out the highlights of any space, including hotels, restaurants, office buildings, or any other property on the market. Her extensive knowledge and professional experience in lighting, editing, and showcasing any space produce high quality images that deliver results for agents. Dulcie Holland's architectural photography will sell your commercial space! Let her set you up for successful marketing and sales with her exceptional commercial photos! Drone Photography Services Licensed Drone Aerial Photography Services from Dulcie Holland (View Gallery of Drone Photos) Dulcie Holland is an FAA-certified commercial drone pilot. Using her real estate photography skills, she can position her camera drone to capture stunning elevated perspectives of homes, developments, and commercial properties of all types. These viewpoints are virtually impossible without an experienced drone pilot and really showcase the features of a home or business property. Plus, the cost is much lower than with standard aerial photography! You can view a variety of drone photos by Dulcie in our Drone Photo Gallery. Aerial Photography Services Aerial Photography Services from Dulcie Holland (View Gallery of Aerial Photos) Dulcie also offers aircraft-based aerial photography services for realtors, developers, or anyone else needing aerial photos of property, homes, buildings, or other subjects. Portrait Photography Services from Dulcie Holland (View Gallery of Portrait Photos) Portrait photographs capture a moment in time, preserving features and expressions forever. Whether for professional use, a gift to a loved one, or just for your personal collection, Dulcie will work with you, your family, friends or colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere to take the desired shots and produce the finished photographs in whatever sizes, quantity, and media you wish. Family Photography by Dulcie Holland (View Gallery of Family Photos) Family and newborn photography in the security and privacy of your own home is now available from Dulcie Holland. She can capture and preserve in crisp detail those special expressions and positions that your baby or older child will outgrow all to soon. Whether photographed alone or with other family members, this precious time of life can be remembered forever and shared through professional quality images. View examples of family photos taken by Dulcie in our Family Photo Gallery. Contact Dulcie to arrange for the best time and place to capture those precious images of famlihood! General Photography Services Scenic Photo Gallery inGeneral Photography Services from Dulcie Holland (View Gallery of Twilight Photos) In addition to Real Estate Photography and the other spcecialized photographic services above, Dulcie Holland offers a range of general photography services to businesses, organizations, and individuals in central and southeastern Virginia. Then simply contact Dulcie by phone or email to discuss how she might help you get the results you need. Need Stock Photos? Dulcie Holland offers for sale a select number of picturesque landscape and other special photos she has taken. Dulcie Holland Photography

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