Doug Watkins

Doug Watkins

Owner at Blast Communications Inc

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1444 Farnsworth Ave. Suite 304, Aurora, Illinois, United States
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(630) 375-9600

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Doug Watkins 430-3898 - Blastcomm

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"They required that it be open bandwidth with no constrictions for firewalls or port blocking," says Doug Watkins, president of Blast Communications."In a corporate environment, that's where you run into problems.Caterpillar has bandwidth, but [because of its firewalls], there was no way to use it with those restrictions."In fact, the Caterpillar campus presented a host of challenges."Within the Caterpillar facility, they have dozens if not hundreds of 802.11 access points already running on their private network along with all kinds of other RF-based equipment for robotic automation," Watkins says."We backhauled to the water tower with Canopy and then deployed off of the water tower, again with Canopy," Watkins says."Canopy got the bandwidth to the water tower from our existing facilities about seven miles away.Then, we used the Advantage Access Point with hardware scheduling to deliver to the two areas," [the stage area and press tents].The Motorola Canopy solution allowed ultra-fast deployment of the data connections needed for the event.In fact, according to Watkins, "we spent as much time running around getting the logistics out of the way,like all of our insurance affidavits,as we did deploying the Canopy unit."Print this page Email Article

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Doug Watkins
President, Blast Communications, Inc.

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Doug WatkinsPresident,Blast Communications, Inc.

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