Dontae Delgado

Dontae Delgado

Project Manager, WDG Security Operations at Microsoft Corporation

ONE MICROSOFT WAY, Redmond, Washington, United States
HQ Phone:
(425) 882-8080

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Senior Writer - SB Nation

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If there is something entertaining and hilarious going on in HoopSmack you can be sure Dontae is not far behind.
Crafting exciting, informative, and engaging content is his bread and butter; and making HoopSmack synonymous with basketball is his goal. Never failing to be without info concerning anything basketball; let it be stats, analysis, or some ridiculous far-fetched insight, he's got you. His number one motto? Dontae Delgado

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Dontae Delgado: When your owner looks at his team, sees all the assets and then jumps ship, you're in a losing season.
Dontae Delgado

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