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Founder and Senior Pastor - Blessings Christian Center

Pastor - Blessings Christian Center

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B.S. degreeVirginia Commonwealth University


Founder - Blessings Christian Center

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Dr. Dimitri Bradley
Dr. Dimitri Bradley Dr. Dimitri Bradley Dimitri Bradley has a passion to teach the Word of God with clarity and understanding. His down to earth teaching style causes many to come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. This passion has caused the Mountain of Blessings Christian Center (MOBCC) to have the moniker of the "How to Church". Dr. Bradley's dynamic and simple teaching style has garnered him an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College. He is Pastor and Founder of the Mountain of Blessings Christian Center. MOBCC is a thriving congregation where thousands are ministered to both locally and around the world via the national television broadcasts and live streaming services. Dimitri Bradley is married to Nicole Bradley and has two children, Jordan and Julius.

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Co-Pastor Nicole is the proud wife of Pastor Dimitri Bradley, founder and Senior Pastor of Mountain of Blessings Christian Center (formerly Mt. Gerizim World Outreach Ministries).
Co-Pastor Nicole and her husband answered the call to ministry in 1998. She believes that spending time with God in prayer, reading the Word, and receiving anointed teaching are crucial to our spiritual development. Further, Co-Pastor knows that God will "meet you where you are," but He endeavors for us to go to that higher place in Him. She endeavors to grow ever closer to God, be a godly example to both the saints and the unsaved, and minister effectively to the needs of her husband and children. Co-Pastor Nicole and her husband, Dr. Dimitri Bradley, are privileged to be the parents of Jordan Nicole and Julius Dimitri.

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The Church Channel | Sunday Broadcast Schedule Dr. Dimitri Bradley Pastor Bradley heeding the call of the ministry started a Bible study group in his home in 1998 with 12 in attendance. In November 1998, Pastor Randy Gilbert of Faith Landmarks Ministries ordained Dimitri and Nicole into the ministry. Dr. Bradley has a passion to teach the Bible with simplicity and understanding. To such a degree that this ministry has been dubbed the "How To Church.

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