Dick Bateman

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Senior Manager  - E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Senior Manager  - Idaho National Engineering Laboratory


Ph.D.  - 


Trustee  - Colorado Mountain College

Summit County Board Member  - Colorado Mountain College

Board Member  - Summit's CMC

Trustee  - Summit's CMC

Summit County Trustee  - CMC Foundation

Board Member  - CMC Foundation

Recent News  

Richard Bateman, Summit County Trustee
Richard Bateman Meet the board Colorado Mountain College's trustee from Summit County felt that the Summit Campus needed to strengthen its math and science curriculum, but he didn't wait until he became a CMC trustee to do something about it. Richard J. Bateman, Ph.D., volunteered to help design a better program for the college while working as an adjunct (part-time) professor teaching chemistry for the campus in Summit County. But Bateman has even more to offer the college. The board of trustees is responsible for governing CMC's fiscal operations and establishing and monitoring the achievement of the college's academic goals and objectives. Bateman has an extensive background directing high-tech and scientific research programs, including being a senior manager with E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co. and the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. But even though he feels his business background is valuable for Colorado Mountain College, Bateman said that there is a difference between a college and a business. Even though business principles are useful, "colleges aren't businesses," he said. In December 2007, Bateman was sworn in for his second full term as Summit County trustee. He said he first became involved with CMC while taking some classes and found that many of the adjuncts (part-time teachers) were experts in their fields, instead of just having academic backgrounds. He said that he was so impressed with the quality of the teaching that he wanted to become involved with the college. As a trustee, Bateman has become committed to all of the college's campuses. He would like to see CMC extend its educational role with seniors, increase its opportunities for minorities and develop more programs to see that two-year graduates go into more four-year programs at other colleges and universities. Bateman also has another role as a CMC trustee: "I represent the owners of the college - the citizens of our district - and I am here to listen to them." In November 2009 Dr. Richard Bateman, and his wife Dr. Linda Bateman, received The Summit Foundation's 2009 Oliver Stonington Award for Outstanding Philanthropists in Summit County as part of National Philanthropy Day in Colorado.

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Colorado Mountain College trustee Dick Bateman
On Friday, June 10, Hans Kuschnerus met with Colorado Mountain College Trustee Dick Bateman, to familiarize the CMC leadership with our Summit STEM program, with an eye on future partnership. Dick had already researched STEM efforts in the US, and explained how this nationwide collage of STEM initiatives is being driven out of Washington, DC. He suggested several contacts in CMC who he thought would be the best front-line people for us to work with.

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"It's the board's responsibility to establish policies for the college, and this is a little different than more traditional kinds of courses," said CMC's Summit County board member, Dick Bateman. "In addition to that, it is my belief that the college needs to meet the needs of the community, and English as a Second Language (instruction) is one of those needs, especially in a community like ours," Bateman said.Bateman doesn't think the college should implement fees for ESL classes, but said he's "willing to listen to the arguments before I finalize my decision."

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