Diana M. Kuncken

Mayor at The Stanhope House

45 Main St., Stanhope, New Jersey, United States
The Stanhope House
HQ Phone:
(973) 347-0458
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Last Updated 12/10/2017

General Information

Employment History

Pre-School Director  - St. Michael School


Member  - Town Council

Corrupt Mayor  - Thomas Caggiano

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Corruption in the State of New Jersey and Stanhope

Please remove Stanhope's corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, Borough Attorney Richard Stein, Governing Body and their accomplices through New Jersey State and Federal Government.
Mayor Diana Kuncken is a disgrace to our community and she stands to make the pledge to our Nation's flag under God and immediately continues her criminal acts along with the rest of the Governing Body. A false 911 Report was made by Stanhope SGT . Ignored by the corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken and Governing Body. Mayor Diana Kuncken and I informed our corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken to comply with laws as executive which was ignored by Stanhope corrupt Mayor, Town Council, Borough Attorney, and Town Administrator. My Mar 6, 2006 Tale of treason of Stanhope's corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, Councilman Murphy and Town Administrator Teri Massood The newspaper story documents the single wall shown on no site plan exists, the wall violates codes, was a threat to the inhabitants, and a felony, non-compliance with Land Development Codes by by surrounding property owners provided a petition signed by fifteen property notifying the corrupt Mayor McNeilly, former Town Council President our current corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood, corrupt Borough Engineer John Cilo Jr. (who gets paid now without a contract) and corrupt Governing Body of violations and requiring compliance with Land Development laws. Our Treasonous Mayor Diana Kuncken, corrupt Stanhope's Town Council Governing Body members: Brian Murphy, Michael Vance, Jack Mohrle, Raymond Wootten, James Benson, Edward Schwartz and henchwoman Town Administrator Terersa Massood, corrupt Borough Attorney and Municipal Prosecutor Richard A. Stein, corrupt Chief of Police Steve Pittenger and SGT Charles Zweigle, corrupt Land Use Board chairman John Maguire, corrupt Land Use Board attorney Roger Thomas of Dolan and Dolan, and corrupt Stanhope and Stillwater Judge Mulhern.

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The result was a massive criminal conspiracy that continued at the May 30, 2006 Town Council meeting as those notes and the audio track of the corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, Borough Attorney Richard Stein, Govening Body and Town Administrator Ms. Teri Massood was obtained by replaying the town council tape on its recorder in the town hall under OPRA.
The Stanhope mayor Diana Kuncken can see the boulders across the street on her neighbors property and the walls that do not exist on the site plan or the two criminally false SESCPs by Stanhope and refused on Tuesday after being provided proof of the criminal plans to even allow and discussion after the five minutes was up a closed session to review the confidential data which the Director of Consumer noted I had which she referred to criminal investigators.

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Sorry for poor audio, a five minute display of total corruption by the Stanhope Mayor Diana Kuncken and the Borough Attorney Richard Stein who at the end denies Chapter 2.2.D for the removal of the corrupt Town Administrator Teri Massood even exists
You can listen to the corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken and Borough Attorney Richard Stein and my telling them John Cilo Jr. is incompetent and a criminal and that the made up title for a consultant called "Land Use Board" or "Board Engineer" professional engineer is meaningless and has NO legal authority as a Municipal Engineer. Hear the corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken refuse to discuss the confidential information that Commissioner of Consumer Affairs Ricketts notified the U.S. Attorney's Office, Department of Criminal Justice and Director of Agriculture Purcell exists against John Cilo Jr., E.N.F. Development's Co. Copy of Letter from our excellent working Town Municipal Clerk who is working in a completely hostile workplace environment with a corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, Borough Attorney Richard Stein, Town Administrator Teri Massood, Governing Body and other officials. Needless to say, I pointed this out to the corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken, the corrupt Borough Attorney Mr. Stein and the corrupt Governing Body and the corrupt Town Administrator on May 30, 2006 and also the Land Use Board Chairman and Land Use Board Attorney Mr. Roger Thomas on May 11, 2002.

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