Dersa Cyr

Dersa Cyr

Funtopia Manager at Sender One Climbing LLC

1441 South Village Way, Encino, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(714) 881-3456
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last updated 2/11/2018

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Group X Instructor  - 24 Hour Fitness


BA  - Theatre Arts , 

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Dersa Cyr
Funtopia Manager Dersa is a Lake Tahoe native and no stranger to the outdoors. She learned to ski, climb trees, hike mountains, swim ice cold waters, camp in the wild and respect nature by the age of three. When Dersa moved to southern California she was invited out to New Jack for rock climbing and was hooked. The next week she enrolled in lead climbing classes. Now rock climbing is on her long list of outdoors activities. Whether it's a day trip to Big Bear, snowboarding in Tahoe, canyoneering in Zion or climbing in Red Rocks she wants to be there! Dersa originally moved to southern California for college earning a BA in Theatre Arts. After graduation she began working at Disneyland as a supervisor and eventually learned to teach Yoga, Pilates and Personal Train. In addition to outdoors activities and teaching, Dersa volunteers as a foster for different dog rescue organizations within the Orange County area. Dersa always looks forwards to new adventures and all the people she can share them with.

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Dersa Cyr
Dersa Cyr Front Desk Manager

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