Dennis Younkin

last updated 12/5/2016

Dennis L. Younkin

Director of Finance and Support Services at York Suburban School District

1800 Hollywood Dr, York, Pennsylvania, United States
HQ Phone:
(717) 885-1210

General Information


Advisory Board Member - Central PA July 4th Inc

Committee Member - ASBO International

Treasurer - Public School Code 404

Committee - TIF

Recent News

Dennis Younkin, who had recently retired from his position as director of finance and support services at the York Suburban School District, York County, provided 2014-15 budget information at last Septembers Finance Committee meeting.

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Dennis Younkin, director of finance and support services, 5
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Mr. Younkin reviewed reports provided and announced that Mary Keane from Whitsons is in attendance this evening if there are any questions.
Mr. Younkin reported no one does this job without the help and support of the administrators and staff in the district.  Much support was received from everyone and it was an honor to work in the district. Retirement Recommend Board approval of the retirement of Dennis Younkin as Director of Finance and Support Services effective June 1, 2013. Mr. Younkin is retiring after having served 42 years in education and 5 years with York Suburban School District.  Business Office Report - Mr. Younkin Mr. Younkin highlighted above information. A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - a big swing in basic instruction subsidies under revenue exists because last year when budget was adopted the governor proposed collapsing transportation and social security subsidies and this was listed in the basic educational subsidy, estimate is closer in the 13-14 budget; the increase in employee benefits represents 50% of our cost, the percentage is going from 12% to 16% and as the district's cost goes up, so does the reimbursement, the 4.9% increase in instruction expenditures is due to this increase; concern with fund balance at .8%; the administrative recommendation is not how the budget currently stands, the Board policy goal is 5% of expenditures for fund balance. Mr. Younkin continued the review of attachment. A discussion continued.  Points of the discussion included - request specific mention for the non-discretionary increases at the bottom of the spreadsheet in the future that the district has no control over will be helpful for the public; the budget for tax collection rate includes increase in delinquency with the change in the economy and there have been more liens.  Preliminary General Fund Revenues  Mr. Younkin reviewed above information. Act 1 Budget Calendar  Mr. Younkin reviewed above information.  Act 1 Exceptions Summary  Mr. Younkin reviewed above information.  Budget Reduction Tax Summary  Mr. Younkin reviewed above information.  Act 1 Resolutions  Not to Exceed Index  Mr. Younkin reviewed above information.  Proposed Preliminary Budget Advertisement  Mr. Younkin reported above information.  District Data Sheet Update 2012-13  Mr. Younkin reviewed above information. Mr. Younkin replied the administration would like to hear from the Board what direction of a tax rate.  The administration has not had time to digest the figures in detail at this time.  A general discussion is encouraged. Mr. Younkin reported about the potential impact of medical insurance rates for 13-14 school year with projections .8% increase utilizing a lot of reserves at the Lincoln Benefit Trust.  Actuary will have information at January's Finance Committee meeting.

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