Debbie Amburn

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Board Member  - Couples Association of Sport Tournaments

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Our First Place Team and Ranger winners are Steve and Debbie Amburn, with 11.53 lbs.  Both of the over fish were caught by Debbie.  Crankbaits were the ticket for their fish.  They collected 100 points and $400 dollars for the win.
1st Place - Steve & Debbie Amburn

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We want to say a big THANKS to Debbie Amburn for taking all the photos of the tournament.
Believe me when I say, she took a lot of Photos! Thank you so much Debbie!  Steve and Debbie Amburn CAST logo Shirts

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Ben E. Keith Distributors, courtesy of Steve & Debbie Amburn, has been with CAST Metroplex for the past few seasons as a regional sponsor.Alternates to the TOP SIX Team are, in order: Chris & Rebecca Wright, Kevin & Julie Seibold, Steve & Debbie Amburn, and Cary & Carrie Adams.

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