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last updated 1/25/2018

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Owner - Calderon Consulting

ral Past Hanger Arounder - Vancouver Toastmasters Club 59

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Deb Calderon's Bio"Deb makes learning so much fun, you don't even really know you're learning."Deb Calderon is a dynamic speaker, trainer, consultant and educator.Audiences love her consistent style, which focuses on learning and laughing.When you want to wake up your audience, Deb is your choice.When people want to zap up their topics they call Deb Calderon. Deb is a brilliant demonstrator and the author of Presentation Wizardry: 33 Simple Science Tricks for Speakers and Trainers.With this book you will learn how to use simple science demonstrations to make key learning points while captivating your audience.Deb is also the co-author of Wizbangers, 101 Quick Action-Based Learning Activities for Speakers, Trainers and Teachers.Tap into Deb's brain, via this workbook, and you will find your own ideas expanding, growing and going in new directions. Born in England, Deb laughed her way across the Atlantic from the safety of her crib while her parents slid around the stateroom.She grew up in Canada using humour to make sense of the world.Deb has been a classroom teacher, a reluctant cosmetics saleslady, a tired waitress, and an educator at a large science centre.It was in the last position, while lying on a bed of nails, that Deb learned that to get the point across the audience needs to be engaged and entertained.Since 1995 she has been the head of Calderon Consulting and specializes in bringing learning alive.Her clients range from local small businesses to large corporate clients.Deb is an award-winning speaker who will open your mind and get you involved."If it's not fun, why do it?"is her personal motto, and she finds fun and humour in the most unlikely topics such as failure, health, stress, the environment and much more.Deb's office is in Vancouver as she can't be more than 100 feet from a cappuccino.If you are looking for someone to perk up your work or turn up the heat at your conference call her to talk about it.Workshops and seminars - Presentation coaching - Workshop design - Resource Material design - Presentation Wizard"Deb is a master of hands-on activities and involves the audience throughout her workshop.Click HERE to contact Deb.

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Developing Your True Potential

by Deb CalderonDeb Calderon of Calderon Consulting for presentation tips and techniques that create memorable learning

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