Deanna DeWitt

Deanna DeWitt

Social Media Intern at Marist College

3399 North Road, Poughkeepsie, New York, United States
HQ Phone:
(845) 575-3000

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Media Planner - Ogilvy & Mather Ltd

Media Planner and Buyer - KERWIN COMMUNICATIONS

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Deanna and Woodruff on Marist's campus Picture courtesy of Deanna DeWitt
Woodruff wearing his Marist ID Picture courtesy of Deanna DeWitt "Whenever they pee outside, we have to say, 'get busy,'" DeWitt said. Now that DeWitt has Woodruff, she has to keep training him and taking him to puppy classes once a week for the next six months in Brewster, NY. "They teach us things such as feeding time. Our puppies are only allowed to go after their food once we have released them from a sit and give them permission to eat," DeWitt said. "That way they will not jump all over their blind owner." There are many strict rules for training a Guiding Eye's puppy. For example, Woodruff is not allowed to sleep in DeWitt's bed or even on the floor; he must sleep in a crate. He is never allowed in the house without supervision, so DeWitt has to find a babysitter for him. DeWitt spends almost all of her free time training Woodruff. They play a game where he has to run around the yard and follow her wherever she goes without getting distracted. In order to get her puppy comfortable in public, DeWitt is required to take him everywhere with her. Being a college student, this could be quite challenging, but DeWitt says it's fun. "Having him in class is actually really entertaining for me," DeWitt said. "You know how they say chewing gum makes you concentrate? Well, having Woodruff makes me concentrate." She only brings Woodruff to classes after he has had a lot of exercise so that she knows he is exhausted and will sleep. DeWitt has also learned that it is less distracting to other students if she sits in the back of the classroom. It is also easy for DeWitt because she and Woodruff bonded instantly. "He and I just connect. I feel like a mom. I know exactly what he wants, when he needs to go outside, when he's ready to nap and play," DeWitt said. "I see the other trainers in my puppy classes and they know how to keep it professional," DeWitt said. "I definitely know what a great cause this is and I am so excited to see Woodruff excel and help someone, but the thought that he is not mine forever is definitely daunting on me." Woodruff Woodruff Picture courtesy of Deanna DeWitt

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