David Scott

David E. Scott

President and Chief Executive Officer at Birch Telecom Inc

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2300 Main St. 6Th Flr., Kansas City, Missouri, United States
HQ Phone:
(816) 300-3000

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Rather than making small talk, this honest, intelligent, brave man, David Scott, president of Birch Telecom, said, "You know, I was supposed to go fishing the other day with a friend of yours, but I had to cancel, because I was busy going bankrupt."I wanted to give him a hug right there on the spot for his directness sprinkled with cheer instead of woe-is-me.I'm sure Birch will pull through because of his honesty, humility, sense of humor, and, of course, because Scott is a frickin' genius, to boot.

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But that's what the Urban Society, whose president is Birch Telecom founder David Scott, and some members of the American Institute of Architects-Kansas City Chapter proposed at a workshop April 28 held in second-floor loft at 1617 Main.
"We were delighted with the passage of the Chastain plan," Scott told the audience. Scott noted that the Chastain plan had drawn strong criticism from The Kansas City Star. But then, he's Clay Chastain, and his favorite role is playing David against Goliath - Goliath being what he calls the local Establishment...." At the Urban Society workshop downtown, Scott said that group plans to take its plan to the mayor and city council with the objective of "improving or amending the existing plan. Scott said he would like for a ballot measure to come to a vote this year. "If it doesn't get traction with the mayor or city council, then we'll consider a petition drive," Scott said.

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Guest: Dave Scott, Founder and CEO, Birch Telecom

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