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David Paraiso

Director at Integrated Technologies , Inc.

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Integrated Technologies , Inc.

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Chairman - Edgar

Consultant and Lecturer In Electronic Commerce - Delphi Corporation

Registry Pilot - DRIve Committee



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HIPAA Summit West II: Agenda: Day 2

David Paraiso, Jr.
Director of Information Systems Integration Integrated Technologies, Inc.

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David Paraiso, Jr.
Director of Information Systems Integration, Integrated Technologies, Inc and HIPAA Instructor, University of California and Georgetown University

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The meeting site and refreshments were hosted by David Paraiso of Integrated Technologies.As is customary, members introduced themselves around the room followed by reports from some of the SCEBF officers.Treasury SPEAKER: David Paraiso, Integrated TechnologiesMr. Paraiso is a well-known, Los Angeles area-based consultant and lecturer in electronic commerce, including EDI, and he spoke today on the topic, "XML, HTML, and EDI: What's It All About?"Some of the high points, among many that he made during the 75-minute presentation, were:A) He discussed various architectures for exchanging business data between firms, including: XMLXML EDI EDI VANXMLXML EDI EDI FTPSMTP MIME[By "mass storage," Mr. Paraiso meant the exchange of data using floppy disks and tapes."Paper" includes mail, fax, phone, and paper.] A) In considering an electronic commerce strategy, the analyst should consider both the product life cycle and the process cycle.The longer the product life cycle, the more data will be exchanged between buyer and seller over the long run.Therefore, the process cycle needs to be made efficient to maintain low cost.Paraiso noted the challenge, faced by all large companies, of connecting with small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) for the exchange of business data.His firm, Integrated Technologies, offers a low-cost Windows-based translator, which the hub companies can have customized for their needs and distributed to their SME trading partners.The software, called "EC Track," enables the SMEs to communicate with the hubs, and for the hubs to use traditional EDI only.After all, the hubs really don't care whether the inbound data originated as X12 EDI, XML, or a Web form.He walked through some screens to show what the software can do.OPEN DISCUSSIONIn lieu of a formal presentation by a speaker, the featured program was a lively panel discussion involving Ian Fraigun (Farmers Insurance), David Paraiso (Integrated Technologies), Bob Dempsey, and Dick Bort as moderator.Meeting Speaker - David Paraiso, Integrated TechnologiesDavid Paraiso of Integrated Technologies, Santa Fe Springs, CA. provided the group with an informative overview of next-generation EDI systems.In addition to his presentation, an active discussion followed the presentation.Highlights of David's comments are as follows:I. Factors influencing next-generation EDI systemsBenefit of hindsight. Emerging technologies. Mergers and consolidations of VAN's, service providers and corporations. David provided a useful matrix of legacy and next-generation EDI systems issues.Contact him directly for a copy of the document.III. EDI Lessons learnedEDI is here to stay. All things equal, companies at top of food chain derive the most benefit. Less role for middle company players unless enhanced value is provided. Competition is not sitting still. Please contact David Paraiso directly to get additional information on this topic.General Items discussed at the meeting:DISA-EDI conference will be held in Baltimore, MD, April 28-30, 1997.

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