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David J. Nowacoski

Grower at WindStone Landing Farms

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Vice President - UA Holdings

Managing Director - Operations - United Advisors

Chief Operations Officer - National Financial Partners Corp.

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Dave Nowacoski
David Nowacoski, Chief Operating Officer, United Advisors Dave is responsible for operations, technology and product development for the firm. He has over 20 years' experience in systems and product development across several industries, having held senior positions with Foster Higgins and The Bay Ridge Group. He has significant experience conceiving and building integrated systems for the Fortune 500 and many other large and mid-sized organizations. His business know-how and technology savvy ensure that UA's sales force development, marketing, client service, accounting and firm wide management systems solutions bring top- and bottom-line impact to our partners. UA not only builds but maintains and manages the processes behind these solutions, but also participates in the economics of their success. Therefore, we share a common goal of each solution. Realizing the pressures that our publically traded partners face short-term and those that our larger, independent firms face, Dave focuses on building these solutions in phases, and with well defined financial and operating goals. This enables our partners to achieve a new level of performance to build upon in the subsequent phases. He is a graduate in Computer Science from Penn State University and lives on his family's farm in East Smithfield, PA with his wife, Marla, and their three children.

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