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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Dana Corporation

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The other weekend as I was preparing to go to bed, David Nama, Chairman and CEO of Dana Holdings asked me to stand in for him at a function the following day:
'My brother,' he called over the phone, 'I am at the airport. I have an urgent business trip to Johannesburg which I did not anticipate and I need you to help me address a meeting tomorrow morning.' This is the life of Nama. One moment he is phoning you from Mazabuka and four hours later, he is meeting mining executives on the Copperbelt. Before you realize it, he is in South Africa signing a contract. He has such tremendous energy that if time could be sold, I would trade in with him for a few dollars (as I have plenty of it and do not know what to do with it!)!

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Will Zambian Airways directors face the music?

Currently we have a number of great entrepreneurs in the country who are doing fine and leading private lives like MR DAVID NAMA of DANA HOLDINGS.
The problem we have in Zambia is that anyone who feels he's made bit of money they want their muscles to be felt by going into politics so that they could win contracts and other favors.

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Times of Zambia

Speaking during the Galamukani Consult-organised motivational evening for business executives, Dana Holdings chief executive David Nama, said Zambian entrepreneurs were only engaging in small businesses to make money.He said the business culture among Zambians was primitive, saying foreign investors coming into the country had taken advantage of the situation to maximise the business opportunities."When the foreign investors come into the country they look at what we are doing, they come and do the same. When they find us renovating houses and turning them into companies, they also buy houses and make them offices instead of putting up infrastructure," he said.Mr Nama, who owns eight companies in Dana Services Limited, Proxy IT company, Danatrac, Dana Investments, Goshechem, Terotech Construction, Danachem SA and Lodge Serenity, said Zambians had a lot of good business ideas but these did not develop into business plans and products.

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