David McIntyre

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Agent - Drug Task Force

Agent - Youth Transportation Services Inc

Officer - Iron County Drug Task Force

Commander - Iron/Garfield Counties Narcotics Drug Task Force

Commander - Iron County Narcotics Task Force

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Agent Dave McIntyreDavid McIntyre (Mac) has been employed as a Certified Police Officer for the past 11 years, 3 of which have been as an agent with the local Drug Task Force.He is a certified instructor of ACT (Arrest Control Tactics).He volunteers his time by speaking with youth at local elementary and middle schools about the dangers of drugs.He also volunteers as a Youth League Baseball Coach.

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cannabisnews.com: San Francisco Trio to Get Utah Trial on Pot Charge

Iron County Drug Task Force Officer David McIntyre testified the marijuana was probably going to be sold because of the large quantity. When asked if he knew about the medicinal use of the drug, McIntyre said he had heard of people using marijuana for medical reasons but that it was not legal in Utah. "I don't think you smoke medicine," he said.

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CEDAR CITY - United Parcel Service discovered and stopped the shipment of three packages out of Cedar City containing 50 pounds of marijuana and being sent to Long Island, N.Y. on Monday, said Iron/Garfield Counties Narcotics Drug Task Force commander Dave McIntyre.
UPS officials opened the packages and found marijuana-filled Tupperware wrapped in plastic and holding liquid dish soap to mask the smell, which then leaked and made the boxes wet, McIntyre said. A 35-year-old black male driving a silver Chevrolet HHR allegedly dropped the packages off at the UPS store at 646 S. Main St. and told the store one box contained a computer, McIntyre said, but the sender was traced back to a phone number in Arkansas. The Arkansas suspect refused to speak to McIntyre when he tried to talk to him, he said. The task force also contacted Long Island law enforcement, McIntyre added, about the receivers in Long Island, but he said he was not sure how the case would play out from there, although they could press charges. "If we know something was coming in (to Cedar City), we would let it get delivered because someone has to sign for it," McIntyre said, and then they would then make arrests on possession. The local price for an ounce of marijuana is between $120-140, McIntyre said, and this 50-pound supply could have been sold at $600 per pound, if not more for street price. The last major marijuana bust the task force handled was last October in gardens between Washington, Iron and Garfield counties containing at least 33,000 marijuana plants, McIntyre said.

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