David Lawver

David E. Lawver

Professor at Texas Tech University

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2818 E. US Highway 290, Fredericksburg, Texas, United States
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(806) 834-6998

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AIAEE Leadership Team

David Lawver
President-Elect Texas Tech University

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Southern Awards

2000 David Lawver, Texas Tech

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CEV Gas Engines Training

Also included is a discussion by Dr. David Lawver, Professor at Texas Tech University with over 19 years experience, on checking the engine for proper compression as well as 23 questions and a final quiz.
The accompanying supplement includes reproducible questions and a teacher answer key. 39 min. ©1997 Stock Number: 880 F.O.B. List Price US$79.00 Small Gas Engine: Disassembly II - VideoActive Dr. Lawver continues the disassembly process with a discussion on checking the armature air gap settings. Removal of the cylinder head, crankcase breather, valves and springs, flywheel and armature are presented. Dr. Lawver completes the disassembly procedure with the removal of the rings and connecting rod from the piston. Throughout the tape, Dr. Lawver emphasizes the importance of lubricating major components during reassembly. Replacing the flywheel, setting the armature air gap and installing the cylinder head are covered by Dr. Lawver. Dr. Lawver also checks the ignition system for proper operation and completes the reassembly procedure with the installation of the oil tube, air filter and fuel tank. Dr. Lawver emphasizes the correct procedures for removing the needle valve assembly, cleaning the nozzle, checking the venturi, adjusting the float and reassembling all components. Dr. Lawver demonstrates the proper procedures for removing and replacing the diaphragm, needle valve assembly and throttle shaft. Dr. David Lawver discusses the techniques necessary for inspecting and measuring the journals on the crankshaft and camshaft, checking the cam gear bearing in the sump, and measuring ring gap. Also included are proper procedures for measuring the cylinder bore, ring grooves on the piston, wrist pin and valve stems. In addition, Dr. Lawver demonstrates how to check valve guides, main bearings and the wires, coil and legs of the armature. Dr. David Lawver provides the proper cleaning procedures for the following: armature, flywheel, carbon deposits, valves, ring grooves and air cleaner. In this video presentation, Dr. David Lawver will provide proper techniques for honing the cylinder, repairing valve guides, seating valves, replacing the oil seal and washing the engine upon completion of all repairs. Fifteen questions and a final quiz are provided. In this video, Dr. David Lawver, University Professor with over 19 years of experience in small engines, explains the importance of and demonstrates how to prepare an engine for storage (cleaning, draining the gas and oil, removing gas filter, lubricating gaskets, removing the spark plug). He also shows how to return a small gas engine into service. Safety and responsibility is emphasized throughout.

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