David Burton

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Wing Commander  - 164th Airlift Wing

Colonel  - 164th Airlift Wing

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David Burton, Wing Commander, 164th Airlift Wing; Graham Smith, Vice President, Properties & Facilities, FedEx Major General Gus Hargett, Adjutant General, TN; Commander-in-Chief of the Tennessee National Guard, Governor Phil Bredesen; Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn; Robert Sepucha representing Congressman Harold Ford; Maj.

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When David Burton calls home to talk to his parents, Norman and Esther, the first thing they say is, "Where are you?"That's because as captain on 757s or 767s for Delta for 16 years and also serving in the Tennessee Air National Guard, his combined duties have taken him all over the world.They were surprised, however, when he called from Kansas City recently.Seems David flew a regular flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, picked up an empty 757 and flew it to Kansas City, where he was waiting for theÊBoston Red Sox baseball team to finish their game so he couldÊfly them to Minneapolis, Minn.Ê He said he looked for Manny Ramirez but he wasn't on the flight.ÊHowever, former Indians coach Brady Little was on board and heÊ(Brady) wanted to have a look inside the cockpit, so David was more than happy to give him the 50-cent tour.Ê WereÊthe team members good travelers?ÊWell, they can ham it up just like any other group, taking turns on the P.A System and having a good time. After dropping the team off in Minneapolis, David flew the 757 empty to New York.Ê(Imagine the cost?) The next time you see David in town, you'll have to show him a little respect because he holds the rank of colonel with the 164th Airlift Wing of the Tennessee Air National Guard and was recently made the Wing CommanderÊin charge of the Memphis Air National Guard Base at the Memphis City Airport.ÊHe said maybe his parents might want to fly down for the ceremony.ÊEsther said it was a big to-do with the whole base attending, almost one thousand employees and reservists.Ê

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David Burton, Wing Commander.

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