Dave Tropf

last updated 12/11/2017

Dave Tropf

Account Manager at RSVP Publications Inc

6730 West Linebaugh Avenue, Tampa, Florida, United States
HQ Phone:
(813) 960-7787

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Toledo University

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"Advertisers may find it surprising that the wealthy demographic likes to save money as much as anyone else," says Dave Tropf, CEO of RSVP Publications.

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RSVP® Publications | Contact

Dave Tropf, Ext. 102
President dave@rsvppublications.com

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RSVP Executive Biography

Executive Biography of Dave Tropf & Larry Golden
David (Dave) Tropf CO-CEO of RSVP Publications Dave Tropf founded RSVP Publications in 1985 and now serves as Co-CEO with Larry Golden. Tropf oversees sales of franchises, trains new franchise owners and consults with these owners to create successful markets. He devised a proprietary software system that guides owners through the day-to-day operations of an RSVP franchise. Tropf pioneered the concept of direct mail to consumers in an era when direct mail was the purview of business-to-business marketing. He had worked in that industry in the early 1980s when rudimentary card decks featuring national offers for everything from sales directories to fax machines were mailed to executives. Tropf believed cooperative mailing could be converted for marketing upscale products and services to consumers. He introduced aesthetic, full-color post cards, solicited advertisers of high-end products and services and developed lists of affluent consumers who lived in homes they owned. In addition, Tropf's philosophy of targeting the owners of the highest valued homes in any market led the corporate policy of hand picking high quality mailing lists, which are continually refreshed and updated. RSVP dropped its first consumer deck in San Francisco in 1985 and now mails to more than 11 million unique homes throughout the U.S. each year. An Ohio native, Tropf attended Toledo University. Married with two children, he lives in Safety Harbor, Fla Larry Golden joined RSVP Publications in 1998 and serves as Co-CEO with David Tropf.

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