Darrell Rinerson

Darrell D. Rinerson

Chief Executive Officer at Memoria Technology

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Owner  - ELI

Founder and Chairman  - Qs Semiconductor

Vice President  - Catalyst Semiconductor Inc


Bachelor Science  - Physics , University of Minnesota

Master of Science  - Electrical Engineering , University of Minnesota


Vice President  - Micron Technology , Inc.

Founder  - Edify Photonics

Executive  - Advanced Micro Devices , Inc.

Member  - IEEE

Chairman and President and Chief Executive Officer  - Unity Semiconductor Corporation

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"It's a Technology for Terabits that will challenge high volume rotating magnetic media" said Unity Semiconductor Chairman, President & CEO Darrell Rinerson a former executive at Micron Technology and at AMD.

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Darrell Rinerson, a serial entrepreneur, has founded three memory start-ups and most recently, a start-up pursuing the LED business.
In 1991, Micron Quantum Devices (MQD) was formed to develop Flash memory. In 1998, Micron Technology acquired MQD and he became the VP of the Flash memory product group at Micron. In 2001, Unity was founded to pursue next generation non-volatile memory. During the time he was our CEO, we raised $65 million of funding from VCs and strategic investors. He was also a founder and chairman of Qs Semiconductor which is developing a SiC (Silicon Carbide) based memory that can achieve a high density non-volatile static RAM. He has over 100 patents in the area of memory and memory technology. In 2010, he founded a LED start-up, Edify Photonics, to pursue the growing market for LEDs. He received a BS and MS from the University of Minnesota.

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Darrell Rinerson; Founder, Inventor of CMOx™ Technology
Mr. Rinerson has worked in semiconductor memory for most of his career, including DRAMs at Mostek, EPROMs at AMD and Flash Memory at Catalyst and Micron. He started the Flash group at Micron as a subsidiary of Micron that eventually was acquired by Micron and became the Flash Memory product group. Mr. Rinerson served as VP of the Flash Memory Group, until he left Micron in 2001. Unity was founded in 2002 by Darrell Rinerson, Ed Ward and David Bostwick. Mr. Rinerson founded Unity Semiconductor to address the need for next generation non-volatile memory. Unity was founded to develop a memory that could exceed NAND Flash memory in density and performance, while also achieving a lower manufacturing cost. Unity initially did research into various switching phenomena, but quickly settled on a particular switching effect that occurs in layers of metal oxides. The Unity team was successful in discovering a new phenomena that led to the CMOx™ memory cell concept. This concept was not previously anticipated in the technical literature or in the back ground patents that had previously been filed. Mr. Rinerson holds more than 60 patents on this technology and related technologies. Mr. Rinerson has also developed the idea of the BEOL Memory™ that can lead to a new business model for data storage semiconductor memory.

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