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Member of the Team  - Praise Ministries

Member of the Team  - Committed Christians


Founder  - Michigan Gospel Music Association

Founder  - Northern Michigan Gospel Music Festival

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Dale Signs
>Dale Signs >Dale Signs Dale Signs Dale Signs has been ministering since 1958. He was a pioneer in Gospel Music in the State of Michigan. Dale formed the Michigan Gospel Music Association, and also the Michigan State Gospel Music Convention. He was also instrumental in establishing the "Northern Michigan Gospel Music Festival. Dale, along with his wife Shirley, live in Bowling Green, Kentucky on the Christian Campground from which they retired as Caretakers after twelve years. Dale was ordained in 1971, thus extending the outreach of his ministry. Since then his ministry has evolved into a unique blend of Music and Word that communicates God's Spirit. Dale is a member of the team at Praise Ministries, but more important, he is a member of the team of Committed Christians the world over.....who are working together to share the Good News. Brother Signs is a down to earth person with something to say, and he has the skills and abilities for saying it. He is happy because he is making others happy with his Spirit Annointed ministry. Dale says, "I'm nothing special at all, I'm just me, but it's the Jesus that lives in me who is special. Some people just seem to be born to sing Gospel Music, and Dale is one of these people. He sings, he writes songs, and he just plain makes people glad they were there. He is able to take the songs and weave them into a tapestry of beauty that communicates God's Spirit wherever he goes. Dale cares about musical excellence and truth and works hard to make things he shares exciting, vital and alive.

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