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Pope Expert - Saint Mary's College

Director - Saint Mary's College

General Editor - Notre Dame

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Dr. Cyriac Pullapilly
Director Saint Mary's College

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WNDU-TV: Story: Fond memories of the Pope shared - April 04, 2005

"You feel that he's a close friend, a father figure, a brother, to everyone," said Dr. Cyriac Pullapilly,a Pope expert at St. Mary's College.Gita's father, a former advisor to the Vatican Council, saw his daughter smear candy on the Pope's face.He says because the Pope was the kind of person to laugh something like that off sets him apart from Popes before him."They were very distant from the people, to be so close to the people, I don't know of any Pope who has done that," said Cyriac.

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Cross Cultural Publications: Special Series

Editorial Board: Cyriac K. Pullapilly, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame (General Editor); George H. Williams, Harvard University (Consulting Editor).Editorial Board: Deno John Geanakoplos, Yale University--Europe, Byzantium and the Muslim World; Donald F. Lach, University of Chicago--Europe, Far East and Southeast Asia; Cyriac K. Pullapilly, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame (General Editor)--Europe and South Asia

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