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The fortunetelling code has been deleted from all neighboring jurisdictions after Courtney Bibb, the owner of spirituality shop Energy Among Us, filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city of Centerville alleging its fortunetelling ordinance was a hindrance on her First Amendment rights.
That lawsuit was settled out of court last month.

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This comes after business owner Courtney Bibb filed a lawsuit against the city.
Earlier this month, the city of Centerville sent Bibb, owner of Energy Among Us, a letter asking her to stop services that violated a city ordinance. On Wednesday, Bibb straightened up her shop and says she's already starting to feel more at home now that her way of life is no longer at odds with the city. "This is my dream. This is my passion. This is my belief," says Bibb. "I've always wanted to do this." Bibb says she never thought she'd have to sue to follow her beliefs. Her store Energy Among Us offers services such as yoga, aromatherapy, and fortunetelling. About four months after she opened her doors, the city told her that fortunetelling for pay was against the law. "I didn't understand that," says Bibb. "They made a decision that it was in the city's best interest to go ahead and negotiate the settlement with Ms. Bibb," Eidson says. Bibb says the decision was a long time coming, and hopes her fight paves the way for others to pursue their dreams. "I'm just glad that I have other people open minded and finally coming to their senses," says Bibb.

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Courtney Bibb, owner of Energy Among Us at 100 N. Houston Lake Road, had been ordered to stop offering certain services, including fortune telling, because of a 1985 ordinance prohibiting "spiritualism and kindred services.
Her attorney, Charles E. Cox Jr. of Macon, said the city has agreed to repeal Ordinance 85-1, which is at issue, allowing Bibb to continue business in the city. "Ms. Bibb is proud to be a part of the Centerville business community, where the Mayor and Council clearly value, and are willing to take action to protect, its citizens' Freedom of Speech rights," Cox said in a written statement. Centerville City Administrator Patrick Eidson said the city will formalize its agreement with Bibb at the May 4 council meeting. Because Bibb was charging and hadn't gone through the proper channels to do so, it was against what was called for in city rules.

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