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Home of Snake Encounters

Corey Levitan, Adventure Columnist for The Daily Breeze, challenged me to push the envelope with him.
No problem. He gets it wrong about Mr. Happy being a Burmese Python (he's a Central American Boa Constrictor) but the article is hilarious.

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“Fear and Loafing in Las Vegas” : Living Las Vegas

Well, actually it's only Monday morning's Review-Journal I've been enjoying, because I know that's when the Living section will be featuring a story by Corey Levitan ... ' /> Corey LevitanCorey Levitan rehearsesSince last November, I've actually been getting to like Monday mornings.Well, actually it's only Monday morning's Review-Journal I've been enjoying, because I know that's when the Living section will be featuring a story by Corey Levitan.Most journalists follow the revered practice of staying outside the stories they report on.Not Corey.He jumps in with both feet at a minimum, and usually his entire body - sometimes even in drag.That's because each week, he takes on a different job around the valley, actually becoming a Dolly Parton impersonator, a dog groomer, a Chippendale's dancer, a bingo caller, a day trader, a - well you get the idea.Corey tries his mightiest to fill the borrowed shoes (or bra), and then goes home to do what he's actually good at - write about it.I first saw Corey in the flesh one Monday night at the Bootlegger's Celebrity Karaoke.He sang an Elvis song - not half badly - and I gave him a "thumbs up" on his way out the door.It turned out he was rehearsing for his one-night stand as an Elvis impersonator, having convinced Steve Connolly to share his stage.I was impressed that he actually took the time and made the effort to rehearse, because up to then, I figured that he didn't really mind if things went badly.If he tripped, squawked, or got the hook, well, that's just more funny material to write about, right?Well, not quite, I learned when I caught up with Corey at a gospel church in North Las Vegas last week.He was there to rehearse with the Gastons, a group set to perform at the Gospel Brunch the following Sunday at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay.They had agreed to let Corey sing one number with them, and they were even going to provide him with a robe.Inside the church, while the Gastons set up their instruments, I got a chance to chat with Corey.Originally from Long Island, New York, he came to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, where he was a reporter with the Daily Breeze.It was at the Breeze that Corey first came up with the idea of putting himself into a story."It was for the opening of a nude ranch," he said."A dude ranch?"I asked.As soon as the Gastons were ready, Corey joined them at the front of the church for a run-through of his number, "This Little Light of Mine."I don't know who chose the song, but it couldn't have been more apropos.For starters, Corey's not tall.In fact, he's even written a book called The Napoleon Code: The Short Guy's Guide to Life.Secondly, when he started bouncing around the sanctuary, I was reminded of that dancing candlestick in "Beauty and the Beast."Thirdly, it's an easy song, which is good because gospel music is virgin territory for Corey.He's Jewish and doesn't have a childhood background in "Jesus Loves Me" music to draw from. /> The rehearsal ended up costing Corey two bucks, because the Gastons have a big glass jar, and anybody who makes a mistake gets fined a dollar.Corey does 52 "Fear and Loafing" pieces a year, a pace that makes me tired just to think about it."I spend twelve hours on an adventure," he says, "because that's all the time I have.""Fear and Loafing" stories are only part of his work for the paper.This week's adventure was Corey's one-day tenure as a "corrections trainee," which pretty much meant he did a shift as a full-on prison guard.I am impressed enough that a guy who successfully passed for a seventh grader when he was nearly 40 was brave enough to be a bounty hunter for a day.But a prison guard!Damn!Corey obviously wasn't kidding when he said, "I'm a chicken, but I'll pretty much do anything but heroin and homosexuality."Now that I've watched Corey make a wholehearted stab at singing gospel and read about his day at the Southern Desert Correctional Center, I have a much better understanding of why he said, "I don't buy into the journalistic objectivity thing."Just because an observer is standing on the sidelines doesn't mean that he has no bias.And just because Corey Levitan is willing to come eyeball to navel with a convicted felon in a violent mood, it doesn't mean he can't accurately report what it's like.In fact, he's the only reporter who can even come close.By actually becoming the subject of his stories, he's a couple steps beyond "embedded."But Corey Levitan in a blue satin robe - somehow that works.I'm just hoping Las Vegas is enough to keep him interested for a good long time.It's a promising sign that he's buying a house here, and he isn't even close to running out of quirky jobs to try.

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