Colin Tansley

last updated 12/24/2017

Colin Tansley

Director at Intelect Solutions Ltd

General Information


Director of Intelligence and Investigations - Sancus Solutions Ltd

Director of Investigations and Intelligence - Fraud Act

Online Intelligence Specialist - West Yorkshire Police

Training Manager and Director - Learn Compliance

Director - Synceritas

Detective Superintendent and Deputy Director of Intelligence - Cleveland Police



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Colin Tansley

Colin Tansley
Colin Tansley Colin Tansley Colin Tansley - Intelect Solutions Ltd. Colin is the founder and director of Intelect Solutions Ltd. An online intelligence specialist and trainer he began his police career with West Yorkshire Police in 1981, subsequently progressing into criminal investigation, training and intelligence before retiring in 2008 from Cleveland Police as a Detective Superintendent. As former Director of Investigations and Intelligence with the United Kingdoms' Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) he managed a series of large-scale ground breaking internet investigations into globally organised crime on behalf of the international film industry. Colin and his company specialise in gathering online information and training organisations in those skills. His client base is broad, with cases of due diligence, suspected fraud and internal investigations being prevalent. Widely respected as a professional, knowledgeable trainer he has, since forming his company, trained individuals and organisations in online investigative techniques in the UK and overseas, including Mexico, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. Colin Tansley IAIR Logo

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Colin Tansley
Intelect Solutions Ltd

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Advanced Searching and Social Networking Course

Rob Kinrade together with Colin Tansley of Intelect Solutions and Neil Quilliam of Quinn Legal delivered a Tracing Persons...

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