Claudio Gonzalez

last updated 4/3/2018

Claudio Gonzalez

Director of Business Development at ALC Environmental Inc

121 West 27th St. #402, New York City, New York, United States
HQ Phone:
(888) 466-3620

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Marketing Director - Export Manager - Ziglift

Marketing Director - Export Manager - Global Trade Marketing Inc.

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The presenter was Claudio Gonzalez of ALC Environmental.

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Allied Members Classified – Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. – HANYC

Claudio Gonzalez,Director of Business Development
(212) 675-5544 (212) 675-4698

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Lead paint is an incredibly common hazard, says Claudio Gonzalez, director of business development at ALC Environmental based in New York City.
Lead was widely used in the United States up until 1978-though it was banned in New York City in 1960-it was used in all sorts of household items including paint. "Manufacturers thought it was the best thing you could use because it made paint more durable, so they used it in windows and doors," he says. If you are renting an apartment to a family with a child, and the unit has lead-based paint, you need to keep the lead-based paint intact and prevent it from chipping, dusting or peeling, Gonzalez says. Asbestos is one problem, however, that's not going to go away with a little bleach and some water, says Gonzalez. It goes back to Egyptian times, and it's still being used in other parts of the world. In the United States, however, it was banned in 1979. Just like lead, though, it was banned for new use. It is still common to find it within homes. "Asbestos was used to make the materials resistant to heat and to fire," Gonzalez says. For that reason, it was common in roofing materials, window caulking and tiles. If you live in a building that was built prior to 1979 and you suspect that it has asbestos, you can find out for sure by hiring a professional inspector to take samples. "They can identify suspect materials by testing them to confirm or corroborating," Gonzalez says.

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