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Clark P. Skeen

President at Quantronix Inc

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2969 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, Connecticut, United States
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(203) 248-4135

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Senior Consultant  - Ernst & Young LLP


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Clark Skeen

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The CubiScan system uses dual laser sensors that pass over the freight from end to end like a set of eyes, CubiScan Chairman Clark Skeen said.
"This allows full-coverage scanning and eliminates shadowing, allowing the dimensioner to see five of the six sides of a load." CubiScan systems also are scalable, he said. "We can easily expand its length, width and height measurement capacity." Carriers can use the data to optimize asset utilization by ensuring that proper-size trucks and trailers are allocated, Skeen said. "This, in turn, helps with aggregate asset allocation, resulting in less fuel usage, reduced wear and tear on vehicles and highways, and a greener environment," he said.

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Clark Skeen, president of Quantronix, the maker of the Cubiscan line of cubing and weighing equipment, has some ideas on the subject.
He strongly urges DCs to consider making it part of the receiving process. "The ideal time and place to collect cubing and weighing data is at the point of receipt," he says. If you only gather cube and weight data at an outbound shipping station, you'll miss out on at least 50 percent of the benefits that the data can provide, Skeen says. That's because a product's cube and weight can and should influence decisions about slotting, storage location for putaway and picking, and repacking and containerization for shipping. "If you collect that data at the point of receipt, then it's available for each and every one of those decision points," he says. In the end, what matters is not so much how or where you collect cubing and weight data, but that you do it, says Skeen of Quantronix. The information you collect will have great value, he says. And the more you use it, the more that value grows. Accurate, up-to-date cubing and weighing data offers a substantial payback for a relatively small investment, he says. Clark Skeen is president of QUANTRONIX, INC. and can be reached at With that in mind, I talked to Clark Skeen, the president of CubiScan to find out about the best practices he's seeing among e-tailers. "The big change we're seeing is the way etailers look at shipping," says Skeen. "When ecommerce first started, etailers just wanted to break even on shipping so they charged their customer whatever it cost them. The next step was to drive down their shipping and handling costs so they could turn shipping into a profit center." That all changed with free shipping, a relative term since free shipping is only free to the customer and not the etailer. "It used to be that our customers just needed information about cartons," says Skeen. The data is being used in four ways, says Skeen. "At the end of the day, a shipping trailer is just a mobile warehouse where you're renting space," says Skeen.

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