Christopher Stace

last updated 3/9/2018

Christopher Stace

Owner and Director at Distinctive Stainless

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Distinctive Stainless

Chris advised us the smartest way to finish off our new granite patio with glass and stainless steel clamps and handrails.
We are delighted which Chris's workmanship and customer service, and would highly recommend him to all our friends." Chris made everything incredibly simple - from the sketching and sizing, picking materials that flowed with what existed, to making sure the treads and design took the most advantage of our limited space. I would recommend Chris and his team in a heartbeat to anyone who thinks they have a difficult project or with anyone who has grand ideas but can't put the project into words. Chris is capable of extracting all the information he needs to build a masterpiece in terms of quality and longevity. Thank you for all your hard work." Nothing Was Too Much Trouble GRANT ~ 7/03/2014 There isn't an instance where friends or family don't comment on our spiral staircase and ask for Chris's details for their own renovations. Nothing was too much trouble for Chris and his team, whether it was gaining access to the property or dealing with problems as they arose so I didn't have to worry about the end result. ABOUT CHRISTOPHER STACE OWNER / DIRECTOR OF DISTINCTIVE STAINLESS Christopher Stace is an experienced custom stainless steel craftsman, excited by new and innovative ideas. To assist Chris, we have a highly skilled and experienced team who commit fully to every job and project opportunity we receive. Together we have absolute confidence that we will exceed every expectation you have and promise to deliver only the best quality with integrity and passion for our field. If you'd like to become part of our success at Distinctive Stainless simply contact Chris on 0416 488 858 or fill in your contact details below.

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