Christopher Short

last updated 2/2/2018

Christopher Short

Managing Director at Cafetto

12 Coglin Street, Brompton, South Australia, Australia
HQ Phone:
+61 8 8245 6901

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Managing Director - Dominant

Lecturer - The University of Melbourne


Board Member - Flinders University

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For Cafetto's Managing Director, Chris Short, this is the perfect way to stay plugged in to the industry.
"I love the coffee industry and I love the involvement with baristas," he says. "Now we've created a venue for Gothenburg called Barista Base Camp in partnership with Sweden's Espresso Gear, for the competitors to come and practice in for their competition presentations," says Short. We even extended the opening hours way after normal business hours to maximise their use of it," Short said at the time. "Like the whole Barista Buddy program, the training space was fun and friendly - though deadly serious about coffee - and there was camaraderie among the competing baristas." It is through initiatives such as this, Short says, that Cafetto is able to gain real insight into the evolving needs of the industry. "What we do get out of this is very valuable," he says. "For example [2014 World Barista Champion] Hidenori Izaki spoke to me about the need for a new type of cleaning product that we have started research on and he's been doing some trials on, so I'm sure that will lead to a new product in the market place in the next year," Short says. Short has come to rely on the feedback of people like Izaki and the current World Barista Champion, Australian Sasa Sestic, for feedback about what products they should be developing and how they function. "We tend to have a network of people who we can rely on for advice and for testing," he says. "Hidenori did some testing for us and we've been talking to other people like Sasa Sestic about what they see that will be drivers in the industry in the year ahead." Short says the super-automatic manufacturers are another segment of the industry that have taken their lead from the competition space. "I think what happens is the competition area gives rise to improvements in coffee that are then feeding through to the super-automatic business," he says. Never one to slow down, after a busy start to the year, Short will direct his attention towards a number of European events to continue driving Cafetto's brand awareness across the globe. "We've got a drive to have some new products in the market at the end of the year," Short says.

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Cafetto Barista Buddy Program - WBC 2013

Christopher Short, CEO of Cafetto: "The training facility was booked out the entire time.

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"Australia and New Zealand are both markets that have an affinity for organic credentials," says Chris Short, Owner of Cafetto.
The Cafetto organic range is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), a United States-based organisations, as well as by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA). In addition to double organic certification, Cafetto also puts safety as a priority. Cafetto products receive NSF certification, an independent not-for-profit in the Unites States that has strict requirements to test for safety. "With so many certifications, and recognition, we feel satisfied with our product," says Chris.

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