Christine Reh

last updated 8/8/2017

Christine Reh

Assistant Director and Staff Psychologist at Illinois Institute of Technology

3300 S Federal St, Chicago, Illinois, United States
HQ Phone:
(312) 567-3000

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Student Health and Wellness Advisory Board seeks clarification on staffing, inclusion, and other issues | TechNews

Present at this meeting were Senator Castro to represent SGA and Christine Reh, Interim Assistant Director of the SHWC.
Reh responded that she oversees all of the counseling department at the SHWC, and she would be more than happy and able to allowing a student to switch to another therapist for any reason whatsoever. Any student who is currently engaged in therapy services at the SHWC is highly encouraged to reach out to Reh at Reh responded that she would be providing specific feedback about issues of non-inclusion and lack of proper knowledge over gender and sexuality identities to each staff member of the department's counseling services. Additional training to ensure that the entire department is properly equipped to handle these issues may also be looked into, as is deemed necessary by Reh. Reh conceded that this past academic year has been wrought with a consistent issue of the SHWC not having full staff, but she also made it clear that the department is doing everything in its power to remedy this issue. A new staff therapist has already been hired by the SHWC, and the revival of its training program is expected to bring another five therapists into the department's lineup. The belief that the department has been the victim of university budget cuts is a complete misconception; while the past academic year has seen a high turnover among SHWC employees, these were not the result of internal austerity of administrative cuts. Instead, Reh explained that a variety of "life circumstances", ranging from pregnancy to outside job offers, all contributed to the decline in staff of the department. Reh is confident, however, that by the summer, the department will be fully staffed and ready for the coming academic years. Another student present at the meeting inquired regarding the official process for seeing the department's psychiatrist and being prescribed psychostimulants and other medications. Reh responded that the department upholds a policy where students who see the psychiatrist are to also be enrolled in regular therapy sessions through the department. Students who are already having regular therapy sessions can make a psychiatry appointment through the usual online appointment system (available at The final item of the meeting's discussion was another student inquiry into what exact services the department is actually medically capable of offering. Reh expressed that one of her main priorities for the department in the coming academic year is to improve how students perceive what the department can and cannot do.

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Student Government Association hosts Town Hall forum with Student Health and Wellness Center | TechNews

Staff Psychologist Christine Reh answered with the unfortunate current reality that the SHWC has a shortage of therapy staff and that "now we don't really have the luxury to assign therapists based on somebody's preference".
Programs scheduled for the upcoming summer should allow more staff to be trained and increase the therapist capacity of the center, but for now the center can only offer its promise that it will work to the fullest extent of its current capacity to accommodate all students as fairly and consistently as possible. A follow-up question to this discussion was an audience question about what policies and procedures are in place for when a therapist leaves the center in the middle of a client relationship. Reh replied that such departures are planned far in advance and that transitional therapy sessions are arranged between a student's prior and new therapist to ensure a smooth transfer of service.

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