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Roles  - Scotland Yard

Specialist In Undercover Operations and Recruitment and Management of Informants  - Scotland Yard

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Crossing the Line: Losing your Mind as an Undercover Cop by Christian Plowman
To catch criminals, Christian has bought and sold drugs with taxpayers' money, been beaten up, arrested at gunpoint and barricaded in a pub by a gang of marauding gypsies - all in a day's work. At one stage, he was running almost a dozen mobile phones to keep track of his different identities and had so many aliases that he nearly forgot who he was. He put his life on the line for the job but was to find that being the 'best of the best' wasn't all it was cracked up to be. The pressure became so intense that he even contemplated suicide. Christian Plowman is a decorated ex-police officer with 16 years investigative experience, mainly in the covert arena. A specialist in undercover operations and recruitment and management of informants, he spent years working in a variety of roles for Scotland Yard. Since leaving the police, Christian has worked in the private sector. He currently works overseas as a national security manager for a fashion company.

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Their legal teams also asked to put forward evidence from Christian Plowman, a former undercover officer who worked in the shop for three months, before quitting his job and writing a book about his experiences with the force.
But, dismissing the appeals, Lady Justice Hallett said there was no entrapment and that Mr Plowman's evidence to the Appeal Court was 'exaggerated, unreliable and unhelpful'.

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