Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

Sales and Management at K & M Printing Co

1410 N. Meacham Road, Schaumburg, Illinois, United States
HQ Phone:
(847) 884-1100

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Sales and Management  - Spotlight Graphic Solutions (a K&M Printing Co.)

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For Chris Kelly, sales manager, K&M Printing, Schaumburg, IL, bringing wide format in-house was a matter of gaining control over quality and deadlines.
"When you outsource, you're at the mercy of your supplier. No one likes to miss deadlines. We had trouble with the quality and the delivery of our wide format work we couldn't get jobs done on time." One of the issues, Kelly says, was that a lot of businesses were outsourcing their wide format work to wholesalers who, "say yes to everything. We were at their mercy." When K&M brought wide format in, they created a whole new separate business division, with the new branding, SpotLight Graphics. It would market POP, trade show, and banners. "It helped our sales force immensely to be able to call on clients they were working on and offer something new. Sometimes if K&M couldn't open a door, SpotLight could," says Kelly. The new business has been prosecuted aggressively by K&M, Kelly says. "A wide format machine is expensive, that's a big nut to crack every month, so you have to be aggressive. That said, Kelly finds an "absolutely healthy" market for wide format graphics, especially at retail. "You see a lot more large banners in the mass retailers, more end caps, more vehicle wraps." Building the new wide format business was not so different then building the 32-year-old family printing business. "Once you establish yourself as a supplier of choice, as a business that does good work, and once you build those relationships, the business will follow," Kelly says.

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