Chris Budra

Chris Budra

West Solution Manager at Canada

1113 Concordia Dr, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
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last updated 11/25/2017

General Information


Sales Manager  - Microsoft Corporation

Regional Sales Manager - Western Canada  - Oracle Lighting

Regional Sales Manager - Western Canada  - Sun Microsystems , Inc.

Director of Sales - Western Canada  - Xerox Corporation

Online Writer  - Psychology Today

Recent News  

Christina is an online writer for Psychology Today, with a monthly blog posting that can be found HERE.
She is part of their network of experts, focusing her attention on How to Take Action in Your Life. "Christina has an amazing ability to identify, diagnose and prescribe on key development areas in a short period of time. "Christina has an outstanding ability to get to the crux of the issue. If you are considering having her for consulting in your business, you are looking at one of the best in her field." "Christina has an uncanny ability to banish fear, clearing the way for me to start working on achieving my goals. "Christina sees the opportunity in a situation where others may see a dead end. She has a passion for excellence in her field, and that makes a difference in the people that are fortunate enough to get to know her." - Chris Budra, Director of Sales, Xerox SOAR™ Clients Include:

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Chris Budra

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