Chernor Bah

Chernor Maju Bah

Chairman at Parliament's Mines

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Chairman - All Walks of Life

Chairman - AWOL


National Publicity Secretary - The National Democratic Alliance

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Feeding the 1 percent | Agrarian Trust

Lawyer Chernor "Chericoco" Bah is a Member of Parliament of Sierra Leone, where he is Deputy Speaker, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and Chairman of the Mines and Minerals Committee.
He is also deeply involved in a powerful, secretive political organisation called "All Works of Life Development Association" (AWOL) that is tightly connected to President Koroma and bankrolled by the country's richest man Moseray Fadika, aka Super, who is rumoured to be a successor candidate to Koroma. Bah operates out of the law offices of B&J Partners, with AWOL's Vice Chairman Alpha Jalloh, eldest son of the Minister of Mineral Resources, and Ady Macauley, a prosecutor with the Anti-Corruption Commission and a shareholder in at least two Kevin Godlington-linked companies. All of the companies linked to Godlington that have acquired large agricultural land leases in Sierra Leone are registered or connected to the address of B&J Partners, including Sierre Leone Agriculture, which was 1% owned by Chernor Bah until it was acquired by Sivasankaran in 2011.

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One stark reality about Hon. Chernor Maju Bah is that he is loved and cherished by his people in Constituency 101 and beyond.
The reason for his soaring image is the fact that he is destined as a natural mixture of people, drawing inspiration from both the elites and the grass-roots. No doubt that he spearheads the ruling government's agenda for change as the prime-mover of people and things. That also portrays his philanthropic course, his profession as a lawyer and leadership traits as Member of Parliament. All in all, he has a living legacy to write home about as an architect of progress in his dispensations as a politician in Sierra Leone. Thus the name Chernor M. Bah provides a magic wand also in parliamentary circles. As a Member of Parliament representing the All People's Congress in Constituency 101 in Brookfields, the legal luminary to all intents and purposes, is one such Member of Parliament who has done a great deal in the democratic dispensation of the country as well as putting the constituency he represents to the height of development. Residents of Brookfields, besides political patronage, can attest to the fact that Hon. Chernor Bah does not pay loud lip-service to his role as a Parliamentarian. His good works and deeds speak for themselves. Since voted in as a Parliamentarian, he has played an active role as Chairman of the Legislative and Mines and Minerals Committees in Parliament, a role he has always distinguished himself in fulfillment of President Koroma's Agenda for Change. However, this pertinent parliamentary role has not pre-occupied his other political attributes to the sustainable development of the country. His humanitarian gesture knows no boundary: that within his own financial reach, he has been awarding scholarships to the needy in society and paying college fees for students and also providing jobs for the less-privileged. There is also more to it than meets the eye as he contributes to building bridges and water wells in his constituency, a feat he has achieved over the years amid hard work, commitment and dedication to duty as a Member of Parliament. Some of his sterling efforts to his constituency were the commissioning of three water dams within the vicinity of Yazebeck, at the back of Hill Station. Besides the strings of humanitarian contributions, Hon. Chernor Bah has always been at the helm of affairs, serving in an esteemed capacity as Chairman of All Walks of Life (AWOL). He was in the thick of things on the heels of the 2011 Awards to twenty-six categories: comprising academic institutions, parliamentarians, media houses, parastatals, ministries, medical and legal practitioners, military and police officers of the year.

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Hon. Chernor M. Bah made the statement during a presentation ceremony held at the Juba Municipal Primary School on the commemoration of the Day of the African Child.
He noted that children present at the occasion represented the faces of Sierra Leone and encouraged them to take the day as an opportunity and inspiration to focus on their education and achieve their desired goals. The Member of Parliament lauded the teachers for what he referred to as "their endeavour in training all walks of life in the society", adding that they as politicians would regret it if they failed to satisfy their needs.

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