Cheri Wilson

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Assistant Vice President - COVANTAGE Limited

Branch Manager - CoVantage Credit Union

Vice President - CoVantage Credit Union

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Cheri Wilson, Assistant Vice President of CoVantage says, "We feel that it's a good age to make the impact on them, and they'll probably go home and talk to their parents about it, get excited about it."

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So did Cheri Wilson.
She worked as a branch manager at CoVantage credit union in Crandon where the gift cards were stored. Prosecutors believe she was stealing and exchanging them for her own gain. The fifty-two year old Wilson faces three charges of misdemeanor theft. Court documents say Wilson stole less than $1,000 in gift cards.

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Cheri Wilson, Vice President of CoVantage Credit Union, says, "Each person needs to evaluate their own situation to determine if you think your credit report is at risk or could be compromised."So if you're in a pinch situation like I referred to an accident or something you're going to have to wait for this, so you can get your loan, Wilson says.And just because you had your credit report frozen doesn't mean people still can't get a hold of it.According to Wilson, "If you haven't paid your property taxes, collection agencies, insurance companies, state agencies, law enforcement, potential employers are all categories that are still able to get your report."

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